Michael Crossland

Michael Crossland

Australia’s most inspirational speaker Michael Crossland has been a fighter since birth, defying the odds of surviving not only a rare form of life-threatening cancer, but being the sole survivor of a horrific cancer drug trial.  His fight continues to this very day, having spent nearly ¼ of his life in hospital. Michael is a true fighter, and despite only being told what he could not do, he continually shows the world absolutely everything that he can accomplish.  A businessman and elite sportsman, Michael is at the forefront of today’s new generation of inspirational speakers. After releasing his first ‘tell all’ autobiography in 2016, he is now a number 1 bestselling author across 6 different countries.  Raw, real and truly life changing, Michael’s story will undoubtedly bring a tear to your eye and a smile to your heart, as he teaches the keys to success, the importance of embracing change and the mindset needed to achieve your goals. Once you hear him speak, you will have a renewed perspective on life (and you’ll discover that you have little to complain about ever again). © ICMI Speakers & Entertainers

Key Points

  • Michael Crossland is the Author of his bestselling, tell-all autobiography, Kids Don’t Get Cancer, a number one best seller in over 6 countries.
  • He spent a quarter of his life in hospital yet he still travels the world sharing his inspiring journey, speaking across 22 countries with audiences now exceeding 500,000.
  • His life story featured on the award-winning ABC program, Australian Story.
  • Michael opened his own orphanage and school in the earthquake-ravaged country of Haiti.
  • His corporate accomplishments include Youngest National Sales Development Manager for one of the largest companies in the world and the youngest Bank Manager for one of the four major Australian banks.
  • For seven consecutive years he has been an Australia Day Ambassador, as well as an Australian of the Year finalist and a Queens Baton bearer for the 2018 Commonwealth Games.
  • Represented Australia in his chosen sport.
  • He has appeared in various media, including Sunrise, Studio 10, Australian Story, MTV, Fox Sports, Daily Edition, Women’s Day and Take 5 Magazine.
  • Michael has shared the stage with the likes of the Dali Lama.
  • A recent online video of Michael sharing his journey with an audience in Los Angeles has been viewed by more than 22 million people.




Despite spending nearly a quarter of his life in hospital, Michael Crossland has forged a highly successful career in the corporate world, represented Australia in his chosen sport and featured regularly across all forms of media. He also runs a school and orphanage in Haiti and has been presented with the Australia Day Ambassador role for 7 consecutive years. 

The award-winning documentary on his life, by ABC’s Australian Story, has been viewed by over 4 million people. 

Diagnosed with an aggressive life threatening cancer before his first birthday, doctors told him school and sport were not options - infection and fatigue were too great a risk. As a boy, Michael’s only wish was to lead a normal life and be able to do all the things that other ‘normal’ kids took for granted every day. 

Michael captures audiences no matter what size and inspires each individual to achieve ongoing positive change in their life. He has an absolute passion and belief in people’s ability to change direction, achieve success and become who they truly want to be. 

‘Success to me is about waking up each and every day knowing in my heart that today I will make a difference in someone else’s life.   By living this way, we can all make the world a better place’.

Presentation Topics
  • Overcoming extreme adversity
  • Mastering the gift of giving
  • Embracing change
  • Defining success
  • The mindset needed to achieve your dream
  • The power of optimism and resilience  
  • Stepping out of your own shoes
  • Taking nothing for granted and living life with no regret

I have never experienced a presenter that could hold a large audience for so long through the highs and lows of what is called life. Our employees have been buzzing ever since and personally touched by you sharing your journey and positive thinking and actions. You really have made such a positive difference to our employees and their loved ones. One of the most powerful outcomes has been to put our ‘problems’ into perspective and how we use so much negative energy on the most trivial of things.
Chief Executive Officer
WorkCover Queensland

This is a person who exposed his heart and soul and makes an impact on ALL of the audience.  I have never laughed so much, or nearly cried so much, in an hour in my entire life.  He reached out to the delegates and I seen big burly men give in to the emotions that Michael generated.  Michaels presentation without any doubt was the best I have ever witnessed and will never be superseded, thank God that Michael does what he does and may he live forever doing it.
Municipal Works Operations Association

Michael was absolutely amazing – an incredible life story told incredibly well. We have been fortunate over the years to have worked with many key note presenters and I can say unreservedly that Michael has made the most impact. Our people are still talking about the lessons learned!
Marshall White Real Estate

We engaged Michael to address 1500 exercise professionals and fitness business owners at Filex, the annual fitness industry fitness convention. Michael had the audience enthralled from the get go- his easy affable manner and down to earth sense of humour engaged everyone the moment he was on stage. As Michael’s presentation moved into his life story the connection grew and it would be fair to say that there was not one attendee that wasn’t moved and inspired by this extraordinary man. We highly recommend him to other organisations looking for an inspirational reminder of what is truly important in the real world.

Michael Crossland was truly one out of the box. His story was at times heart wrenching, but the overarching message of refusing to let adversity define you struck a chord with our audience that I don’t believe we have hit before, or will manage to again. Never have I seen 500 people leap to their feet so quickly in a unified standing ovation. As a professional speaker, Michael’s attention to detail, ability to speak to brief and skill with an audience’s focus was second to none. From a booking point of view, he was friendly, approachable and entirely focused on what we were trying to achieve at our event. I cannot recommend him enough.
Marketing Communications Manager
Franchise Council Australia

Thank you for sharing your inspiring, yet very personal, story at our company Kick Start event earlier this year.  From business to sport you reminded us that in life anything we set our mind to we can accomplish successfully.  You are a true inspiration to us all.
Chief Executive Officer
McGrath Estate Agents

Michael is such an inspiration – his story captured us all and the response from all at the Conference has been amazing. Michael gives so much of himself in his presentation and delivers such a strong message around never giving up, pushing to achieve everything you can and giving back. The feedback from Michael’s session, from everyone at the Conference has been amazing – I have never had one speaker have such an impact at a Conference.
First State Super

Words escape me to truly express my thanks for the amazing journey you took us all on today as the keynote speaker at the HR Teams event in Sydney and the roller coast ride of emotions you evoked in us all. I feel incredibly humbled and honoured to have met you and want you to know how much you touched everyone in the room today (myself included) with your warmth, passion, incredible spirit and courage in the face of such adversity. The room was charged full of raw energy and emotion when you finished and many members commented to me afterwards how incredibly inspirational you were and how powerful your messages, learning's and insights were. My congratulations. I feel very privileged to have met you and wish you well on your continued inspirational journey.
International HR Director Forum

CEO Forum Group 

Finished with a standing ovation. Truly one of the most inspiring and entertaining speakers I’ve seen. Thanks for the recommendation Leanne!

Our staff and players thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to hear your story and were genuinely inspired by your powerful life experiences. Look forward to catching up with you soon & thanks again for making the time & effort last week.
Chief Executive Officer
Bulldogs Rugby League Club

We have never had a speaker connect with the audience the way Michael did, he is truly a remarkable man and touches everyone he comes across.  My favorite comment from a delegate was “Michael makes me want to be a better person”.  I would recommend him to anyone looking to inspire their team
Henry Schein Halas

Absolutely brilliant – connected with the audience on a really deep level and drew the whole room in with his story. You could literally hear a pin drop.
Jay Walter
JWH Group

Michael was amazing. He is so inspiring and fun to listen to at the same time. His talk was engaging, captivating and powerful.  This will be remembered and talked about for years to come.  We wish Michael and his family all the best!
Jones Lang La Salle

I just wanted to thank you again for the amazing session yesterday! You have such an inspirational story, with so many ups and downs - the team was very moved! I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house as you shared your life experiences. 

I am glad you recommended doing your session just before lunch as it would have been hard for anyone to follow you immediately on to stage for another session. 

Many people said you were the best speaker we have ever had come and speak to us! And some were still processing the emotionally journey you took us on. Hopefully the team will take away many of your messages as it could always be worse and we need to take advantage of every day. I did overhear one colleague at drinks who was replying to a colleague who complained about only getting apples and peaches for afternoon tea (rather than cake/brownies etc) – ‘well maybe next time we will give you a bowl of rice once every two days and see if you are happy with that…’ 

Thanks again for sharing your story, congrats on the birth of your son – so amazing – and we wish you and your family nothing but the best for your future! 

You are a true hero!! 
Head of Business Support
Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Your achievements in the face of adversity in both business and sport are truly remarkable. Hearing about your tenacity and persistence in the face of so many hurdles was inspirational and highly motivating for those of us who work in a competitive sales environment and have our wins and disappointments, albeit no comparison with yours. Perhaps your experience in sales and sales management helped but we felt you connected particularly well with our people from the outset and the feedback since has been nothing short of exceptional. We are all better for the experience.
Managing Director
Buxton Real Estate Group Pty Ltd 

Recently, the Toronto Blue Jays had the distinct honor to hear Michael Crossland speak. His story of perseverance was simply incredible. Not only did he captivate all of our players, but our coaches as well. He knew his audience, and was able to convey his inspirational message to everyone in attendance. Numerous players were eager to stay connected with Mr. Crossland and volunteered to help him however they could. His tireless work across the globe, in particular in Haiti, is simply remarkable. He has made such a difference in so many lives in a relatively short amount of time. He also shared his journey on the baseball field and capped it off with throwing batting practice to some of our biggest prospects!  His interaction with our players and overall upbeat attitude is something that any baseball manager cannot get enough of. Throughout my own baseball journey, I have never seen or heard such a positive perspective on not only the game, but on life itself. I would recommend Mr. Crossland to share his story with athletes, companies, and any other organization around the globe. We were honored to have him be part of the "Blue Jay Family" for a day, and we look forward to having him back soon.
Toronto Blue Jays

An inspirational, strong man with a brilliant story!! Would definitely have him speak again. LOVED HIM
FC Business Solutions

Michael has an amazing story with some very important messages for the audience.  He presents extremely well and was the most popular presenter we had at the two day conference.
NAB Wealth

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