Steve Sammartino

Steve Sammartino

Tech Ambassador for the Future The future belongs to those who prepare for it. And no one has a more profound understanding of what it’s going to be like than Steve Sammartino. But knowing what the future holds and being able to do something about it are two different prospects, entirely. You need more than a tour guide to get you there. You need innovation in action. You need to listen to Steve.    Turns out, people do. Last year alone, Steve spoke to over 100,000 people in 14 countries, which is why he’s Australia’s leading futurist and international keynote speaker. Steve is also the author of two best-selling tech strategy books: The Great Fragmentation (a technology strategy playbook) and The Lesson School Forgot (the industrialisation of teaching) and how to liberate our inner entrepreneur.  As a tech entrepreneur and growth hacker, Steve has an intimate knowledge of the tools reshaping our world and how they affect business. He’ll show you how to use those tools to ignite the future, reinvent yourself and transform where and how you get work done, thus creating a culture of making change happen.  Steve employs his sharp sense of humour to communicate complex ideas in a simple way that leaves the audience excited about the future, instead of frightened of it. © ICMI Speakers & Entertainers

Key Points

  • Best-selling author of The Lessons School Forgot, How to hack your way through the technology revolution (2017), and The Great Fragmentation, a business manifesto for the technology revolution. It has been translated into multiple languages and has 5 star rating on Amazon.
  • Held senior positions in multiple Fortune 500 companies and has also built his own technology Startups. He understands what big business must learn from the technology sector to avoid disruption.
  • A modern age hacker (the good kind!) He even built a drivable Lego car from 500,000 pieces that runs on air and also put a toy spaceship into earth orbit.
  • Respected media commentator on technology, regularly appearing on the ABC.
  • Steve is a motivated futurist who loves converting technology into actionable strategy.


Steve wrote his first lines of computer code at age 10. He is one Australia’s most respected futurists and business technologists. He has an incredible ability to make sense of how emerging technology applies to your industry.

He is a born entrepreneur, and had his first startup at age 12 – an organic egg farm before the words “organic” or “startup” had been invented! He even started a clothing business part time and managed to build up the business to a point where he sold it. He used to start work at 5 am, sell to customers at lunch time and do the administration at night.

After completing studies in Economics and Finance at University he worked in multiple Fortune 500 companies including Proctor & Gamble, SAB Miller, Kimberly Clark, Mondelez (Kraft / Cadbury), WPP (the world’s biggest media company). He held many senior positions culminating in Directorships before decided to revert to his true passion for technology. His experience means he intimately understands the disruptive forces many established companies are facing today.

Steve has had multiple technology startups and he launched one of the first ‘Sharing Economy’ startups, before Uber or Airbnb. Steve had a successful exit selling the startup to a public company. He now invests in emerging technologies and has multiple advisory board positions in startups involved in a variety of disruptive technologies across the Airline Industry, Automotive, Real Estate & Co-working, Internet of things, Quantified Self, Mobile applications, and 3D Printing technologies. Steve is heavily involved in the startup scene in Shanghai, China and has a passion for the culture. He travels there regularly for business and even speaks Mandarin.

Extreme projects are something Steve loves doing, in order to demonstrate what is possible today. He knows how to generate attention in the modern age of marketing with a number of his viral videos to his name. He recently built a full size driveable Lego car from 500,000 pieces. It has an engine made completely from Lego, and it runs on air. He also crowd funded the project on Twitter. It has over 8 million views on Youtube and was a global news story. He also put a toy space ship into earth orbit for under $2000 to prove how cheap powerful technology has become.

His debut book, The Great Fragmentation is a technology strategy manifesto for the modern age. It has been translated into multiple languages and has received rave reviews from some of the world’s leading business thinkers. It has a 5 star rating on Amazon. In 2017 Steve published his highly anticipated second book, The Lessons School Forgot, How to hack your way through the technology revolution.

A media commentator on technology and the future, Steve is a regular on the ABC and provides expert assessment on the rapidly evolving technology sector. He has also been featured on the BBC, The Smithsonian Institute, The Discovery Channel, Mashable, Wired, The LA times, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and even had documentaries made about his projects.

Steve is guaranteed to insert the energy and knowledge into your event your audience needs to be excited about what’s possible for them in the future.

Presentation Topics
  • Future of Work
    The gig economy, automation, freelance work, co-working, digital nomads, robotics and Artificial Intelligence – work is going through a fundamental shift. We’re no longer bound by location or a job for life and we all need to reinvent our skill base so our careers and companies can thrive. How? Through creativity, connection, design and humanity.

    The good news? It’s never been easier to re-invent yourself and leverage the same technology changing the world to learn new skills, and transform where and how we get our work done. We have to break out of the industrial mould.

    The opportunities for new and different jobs are immense as new industries arrive, all we have to do now is open our mind to what’s possible, and be prepared throw out the old rule book. The prize is big – the companies who embrace the change, won’t just become an employer of choice and attract talent, they’ll transform the culture of their organisation. They might just reinvent their entire industry.

    Right now, the biggest risk any organisation can take is to treat their talent and their industry the way they did last year. In this keynote I take the audience on a journey of possibility and show them how the future is going to be much better than they imagine.

  • Innovation in Action: Reinvention through technology
    The art of innovation, isn’t just about the tools we have, it’s the way we put the pieces together. And now that tech has provided so many options – it’s time to get busy. The good news is that we don’t need to be experts in everything new, rather we need a culture of making change happen. Culture eats strategy for breakfast. With the world moving faster than ever, innovation is an attitude, it’s not about big budgets or innovations departments. It’s the new normal and needs to be present in all corners of every organisation.

    In this keynote, I explore how we move beyond knowing what’s next, to actually inventing it. How to empower staff to reinvent themselves, and create an environment where tomorrow is more important than yesterday. This talk covers the most effective methods for product and process innovation where small changes can have a massive impact on your organization.

    The audience inspired by the what they can do, they’ll know exactly what they must do next.

  • Disruptive Technology - Are You Future Proof?
    A mind-spinning journey detailing our changing world as we enter technological age. Crazy new revenue models are emerging as a result of rapid technology change. Steve outlines the shifts behind disruption and how to ensure your organisation and staff and embracing a game winning strategy. Steve illustrates how all of the major factors of production are being disrupted forever and what company, staff and customers need to do the thrive in a rapidly changing world. Are you brave enough?

    Key content:
    Accelerating the pace technology
    How technology is changing business models and revenue streams
    Future proof strategy in technology driven world
    Leave motivated with practical advice on what to do next
  • The Lessons School Forgot: We need Entrepreneurs
    The one thing we need right now is more entrepreneurs. Not just in the wider world, but also inside our companies. We need people brave enough to reinvent themselves and find new revenue streams and startups inside their own company. With the industrial age quickly vanishing in the review mirror, it’s time hack our own behaviour and acquire the skills to thrive in the digital age, which means we need to become ‘economic explorers’. This keynote is inspirational, instructive, subversive and will help your team break from a lifetime of legacy programming and take full advantage of the technology revolution.

    Key Content:
    Unlearn bad habits school taught you
    Discover what works in the digital economy
    Learn how to invest time, rather than money and reap rewards
    The importance of entrepreneurship in work and life



Steve was fantastic, he engaged very well with the members and they thoroughly enjoyed and valued his session. I appreciated the time he spent with the group after the session and he was also very easy to deal with from my initial booking to the presentation. He was able to meet the needs of our organisation for this event.
Institute of Public Accountants

Steve was amazing to deal with from the moment he had a quick phone call with my Manager (to go over the night) until he left at the end of the evening. I cannot fault him. When he walked in the door pre conference he was easy going and adaptable (we had technology issues) he took them in his stride and worked with us to make things work. His presentation was great! There were no moments of boredom from the audience, in fact the audience chatted with him for a couple of hours after the conference. At no time was any of this an issue for Steve. He is definitely someone I will recommend to others.
Department of Human Services

Steve was a great opening speaker for our conference – full of energy and encouraging attendees to think outside the box.
The University of Melbourne

Steve was just what we were hoping for to open up the minds and souls of our rather traditional mining/construction corporate attendees. He has a ton of energy, and is able to use it in a focused way to communicate big ideas in a way that leaves the audience involved and excited about the future. He picked up on our corporate context and drivers from a short discussion and was able to weave this into the session.
Rio Tinto

Extremely relevant, funny and very thought provoking.
Honeywell Building Solutions

Steve is super smart, thought provoking, inspiring and funny.  Steve’s warmth and positive energy is infectious. Great feedback from attendees.

It was a fantastic evening and he was a great speaker bringing energy, ideas, flashes of brilliance, humour, facts, figures, indepth knowledge, and even Chinese language for our Asian guests. He transported use to the future of what is possible.  He was highly entertaining and a great opener for our economist to follow on from. We are hoping after this success that we will use Steve again at our future HNW events. 

Steve was an absolute hit with our members in all 5 states. Survey results were fantastic. Insightful and engaging presentation. Steve was an absolute pleasure to work with.
Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia

Steve was a dynamic, energetic and inspirational speaker. Charged with the tough job of engaging a group of restless 17-year-olds, he managed to not only keep them entranced, but also to fire their imaginations and open their thinking to the myriad of possibilities the future may hold.
O2 Media

Steve captured to audience right from the get go, and took everyone on an insightful journey into the future in a funny, informative and relevant way.  
Rail Industry and Safety Standards Board Limited

Outstanding session. One delegate remarked that he felt value for money from the event based just on Steve’s session.
Instil Group

It is possible that Steve was our best  guest presenter ever. 

Steve was a pleasure to work with. He delivered in every state and the feedback for his session was phenomenal. He evoked laughter and thought within the audience. Definitely did not disappoint!
ING Direct

Steve was terrific. He hit all the right notes, and struck a nice balance between entertaining and informing. We particularly appreciated the workshop and are looking forward to seeing what unfolds as a result.

Steve was excellent, high energy and challenged our thinking!
Bank of Queensland

Great content and a clear passion for what he does.
Corporate Tax Association

Steve Sammartino was a real surprise packet!  Great content and by far one of our more interesting speakers.  Highly recommended.
Housing industry Association

Steve was AMAZING! So thought provoking and inspirational. We’ve had nothing but good feedback for him and in fact some participants said it was worth coming just to see him!
Local Government Association of SA

Steve was truly a great and amazing speaker for our All-Company event at Flywire.  Not only did he spend time and energy understanding our business, our challenges, but he also casually worked those themes into his presentation. I cannot wait to have another event, maybe with our Clients and have Steve come again.  

Very engaging, funny and insightful.
International Quality and Productivity Centre

Steve’s energy and enthusiasm really brings his presentation to life. His messages really made people think about technology, while keeping everyone very engaged and focused. Fantastic presentation and we were delighted to have Steve a part of our Conference – feedback from all attendees has been brilliant!
First State Super

Steve certainly lived up to his billing. Great content, energy in delivery and humour. I received a lot of very positive feedback from delegates during the conference about his presentation.
BTTB Marketing Pty. Ltd.

Steve is an energetic and engaging speaker who provided a linkage to technology to everyday life in business. He related the presentation to the conference audience and the key theme of the day.
Phillip Island Regional Tourism Board

Steve’s content and relevance to the theme of the conference was perfect.

Stimulating, encouraging, thought-provoking, exciting.
Victorian Caravan Parks Association

Steve was the best speaker we had at the conference with regard to delegate feedback!
Australian School of Applied Management

Steve was charismatic, energetic and completely understood the needs of the MC role at our conference.
Conference Logistics Pty. Ltd.

Steve delivered a presentation on key themes that effectively engaged and addressed the perspectives and needs of two, disparate audience groups seamlessly.  It was a really engaging, entertaining and thought provoking session.  The feedback from our attendees on the day and subsequently was fantastic and I’m sure Steve will be receiving many requests to speak from companies who were in our audience.  We’ll certainly be using Steve again for both customer and internal events.
Assa Abloy

Steve is very personable, engaging and energetic. He delivers really interesting, though provoking content in an entertaining way. The reaction of our audience was very positive.

EXCELLENT 10 out of 10 for me
The Faculty

Received a great response from the audience and delivered important information with humour.
NAB Core Banking 

Steve was amazing – full of energy, positivity and humour! We really appreciated his commitment as he had just come out of hospital for hand surgery the day before.
Hire and Rental Industry Association

Very relevant to our conference theme and focus. Steve provided an exciting and highly energetic speech.
APCO Service Stations

Steve, was a true professional from briefing to keynote, listened and delivered directly to the our audience of 175+ delegates. 
Dcb Conferences and Events

Steve was perfect for our function. He related well to them and was able to motivate and inspire. The information he presented was spot on and very interesting. Steve addressed a crowd of 1500 staff, graduates, friends and family as our 2015 Graduation Ceremony keynote speaker. His enthusiasm is infectious and his speech encouraged everyone to think of themselves as an entrepreneur, and make the most of the opportunities life presents. I saw that a number of our VIPs (senior staff and board members) approached Steve after the ceremony to further discuss his ideas; a sure sign of an inspiring speech and an approachable speaker!
Melbourne Polytechnic

I've known Steve for a number of years and 1st saw him present at Ignite Melbourne in 2010. Over my career I've been in the audience of a large number of speakers, in my opinion Steve is one of the best, frankly he makes it look to easy - throwing a net over a fascinating, range of interconnected tech, startup, future, pop culture and psychology topics with a deep knowledge, visible passion and energy. I've invited him to speak at two organisations I've worked at, a world-famous travel guide company and one of Australia's largest banks, hugely disparate audiences, yet on both occasions Steve delighted, entertained, engaged and educated. His talk at the bank was seen by over 250 people and was regarded by all I spoke to as the best talk they'd seen during the year, a very significant achievement given we had many world-class speakers in the last 12 months - Steve topped them all. And that's not all - he goes above and beyond to be approachable and interested in our people, a rare trait. What I love most about Steve is his boundless energy and amazing positivity - it is palpable and highly infectious. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone.
Head of IT

Steve was the ideal speaker for Small Business BIG Marketing. It was the first time I have worked with Steve and he was bang on message! He delivered exactly what we asked of him but what impressed me the most was his delivery. His energy held the audience's attention for the duration of the event. His enthusiasm was amazing and information he imparted was invaluable for the attendees. Steve was willing to share marketing tips and tactics relevant to start ups but also had the big business insight. Steve was a delight to work with and provided very popular with guests who he was happy to chat to during break periods. I will absolutely use Steve again as a keynote speaker.
Event Management
he Launch Box

Steve Sammartino is simply the best presenter I have worked with. His ability to connect, engage and excite is second to none. In my time working with Steve I witnessed time and again his ability to 'wake-up' an audience and inspire them to want to achieve new levels. His energy is palpable, his delivery always superb and his content world class and always unique. If you ever get the chance to hear Steve speak, or in fact have Steve speak at your event, then you can be sure the audience will be far better off as a result.
Grey Group Australia

I was lucky enough earlier this year to see Steve present the final keynote presentation for our ad:tech Melbourne conference. I am sure I can speak for most in the room that day by saying that Steve’s enthusiasm, personality and idea’s around “Why Selfish Marketers Fail” was one of the best finishes to a conferences I have seen and it is testament to Steve’s presenting style that he was able to promote such interactions and ideas from an audience at the end of a 2-day conference. As a conference organizer Steve’s presentations are exactly the type of experience we (and of course our audience) is looking for. In keeping with his theme for this particular presentation Steve’s content was anything but “selfish” as he was able to put forward relevant examples, interact and entertain the audience and even share personal experiences which all added to the unique and passionate experience of his presentation. It goes without saying that Steve will continue to be involved in presenting at many of our events as we move into the future.
Sales Director
DMG Events Australia

Steve was wonderful - not only an excellent speaker who knows his stuff, he was also wonderful enough to spend the whole day with us. I can't tell you how much we appreciated this dedication.
The Change Team

Very engaging and truly energised the room.
IDG Communications


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